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Good chiropractors do everything in their power to help their patients feel better as fast as possible with as few chiropractic treatments as necessary, and also give advice on how to avoid future problems by evaluating lifestyle ergonomics, implementing an exercise approach and reducing care to an as-needed chiropractic plan.

Questions to ask about the specific chiropractic treatment for back pain, neck pain or other symptoms may include the following:


  • What is the chiropractor’s typical practice pattern or treatment program?

  • What chiropractic services does the chiropractor offer? Some chiropractors offer additional services such as massage, exercise instruction, rehabilitation and strength training, and nutritional counseling.

  • What is the chiropractor’s recommendation if the chiropractic program doesn’t seem to help? A good chiropractor will recommend that the patient consult another practitioner if these or other methods of treatment (such as medications or surgery) are indicated.


  • Palmer & Diversified Methods

  • Soft Tissue/Muscle Therapy

  • ​Therapeutic Stabilization Exercise/Stretching

  • Ergonomic Evaluations

  • Scoliosis Screening

  • Preventative Wellness Care

We'd love to talk with you about your needs!


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