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Dr. Henlsey’s care has help us to maintain mobility, adjustments help us function better, give pain relief and increases our energy. As we are aging, we are needing and appreciate chiropractic care and it’s benefits so much more. 

Clarence and Diana D


​​ It’s a miracle- I went from having migraines almost every day to once a week and now I’ve gone four months without a migraine. I seem to have more energy. Dr. Hensley made me feel at ease and comfortable during my visits. 

Joy H.


Great progress! Without Dr. Hensley’s help, I wouldn’t have been able to continue work and probably would’ve been prescribed a prescription to mask the pain. With chiropractic care, I’m able to be pain and pill FREE! Thank you, Thank you, Dr. Hensley and staff! 

Jenny C.


​​ I’ve had headaches since I was 12 years old. After 30 days of constant headache, a friend suggested I see Dr. Hensley. It’s like a miracle! I have not had a headache for 3 weeks in a row! It’s such a great thing to wake up in the morning without a headache and go to bed without a headache. I’ve learned how important it is to be in alignment!! I wish I had seen Dr. Hensley years earlier! 

Dannelle M.

I am now walking for extended periods with out pain. Posture is better and energy level is increased. Ease in movement is increased. 

Bill C. 


After years of headaches, a stiff neck and upper back pain, I decided to seek help from Dr. Hensley. I have been headache free for a month!!!! Dr. Hensley’s care has greatly improved my well being. Dr. Hensley and staff are professional and friendly. I’m glad I found Dr. Hensley. 

Lori P.


​After my first session, I found a little relief, but after my second session, I was pretty much home free. Dr. Hensley helped me to understand that my lower back was causing the pain and weakness in my leg. I feel fantastic! 

Bonnie F.  


 I wasn’t able to sleep due to neck and shoulder pain wouldn’t allow me to get comfortable. Working with my children in the classroom, bending over tables and desks was difficult. Since seeing Dr. Hensley, I’ve gone from an 8 to a 1 in pain measurement. What a difference the adjustments have made. My posture’s improving, as are my nights. Thank you Dr. Hensley only sorry it took me 15 years to get chiropractic care! 

Donna R.

I hurt my back and was in extreme pain. I had numbness in my foot and the ring finger of one hand. I couldn’t walk, go up or down stairs, drive the car or carry any weight in my arms. I am so happy to be able to move again without pain! 

Laurie H.

Pain in neck and shoulders kept me up at night and I had to take pain medication that I didn’t want to take. Now my nights are virtually pain free, no more pain medications and sleeping much better. 

Deanna L.


​My husband has a physically demanding job, so being adjusted regularly keeps his performance and energy up and productive. My frequent headaches are gone by being adjusted regularly. Chiropractic care is an important part of our health care. 

Ed and Debbie W. 


​​ I had come to the conclusion that my neck would never have the same range of motion I used to have. After seeing Dr. Hensley, I’m able to more freely and without pain. Dr. Hensley is genuinely concerned about finding the cause of my pain and identified and corrected the cause. I truly feel like a younger person. 

Chris G.


I had lower back pain from trying to move a heavy object. I was nervous coming here. The care and help I received has make it all worthwhile! Dr Hensley put me at ease and explained every procedure and answered all my questions. 

Lewis B.

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